Kinky Club

Don't think it's a joke. You too can log on to D-Rod's website and follow around the mega-freak 24/7. But if that's your idea of entertainment, than you too, my friend, must be a sicko. Where do you kinks draw the line anyhoo? Donkeys? Blow-up dolls?

And don't think by emulating the freak you'll score some bimbosity like Carmen Elecktra? Ain't gonna happen, Cisco. You play b-ball? You make millions? You draw attention to yourself wearing dresses and garter belts? I didn't think so. So feel good about yourself, you're a man's man (just don't tell Dennis that). Yeah, you never got to bang Madonna, but would you really want to be quarantined after doing so? Yeah, you never got to handle Michael Jordan's jock strap and sell it on E-bay, but is that kind of thing you really want to write home about? "Mom! Dad!" I didn't think so...As Stuart Smalley would probably say, "You're good enough, you're horny enough, and doggone, chicks really dig you, because you rarely wear underwear, you eat brussel sprouts, and shave your sack on a regular basis."

Joe Lust

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